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            1. Transforming Business, Transforming Lives.

              Global Program Management
              Logistics and Asset Tracking
              Human Capital Management

              Data Analytics
              Business Processes
              IT Services and Solutions

              Inc. 5000


              Interactive Government Holdings (IGH) is a Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in providing support to the U.S. government and its Service Members. IGH core competencies include: Program Management, Full Service Cradle to Grave Grant Management and Highly Qualified Administrative Support.

              Program Management

              IGH is experienced in managing and improving overall performance through program management support.

              Grant Management

              IGH provides cradle to grave grant management services.

              Administrative Support

              IGH provides tailored administrative support to meet all of your business needs.

              Relocation Assistance

              IGH has experience in providing swift and cost effective relocation assistance for federal agencies.

              IT Products and Services

              IGH has successfully integrated services and technology as a Prime and Sub Contractor on contracts in both DoD and Civilian Agencies.


              A short list of IGH’s Clients


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              Our team provides the necessary tools to solve your needs.

              Michael Sanders

              Chief Executive Officer

              Laura L. Price

              Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

              Johnny Dwiggins

              HR Director and Program Manager

              Tina Ruiz

              Executive Assistant


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              7426 Alban Station Boulevard, Suite B218
              Springfield, VA 22150




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