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              IGH Salutes Steve Toomey


              Steve Toomey is an Employment Counselor with the Florida National Guard Employment Support Program. He plays a pivotal role in the lives of veterans and their families. Read More

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              Training a Service Dog


              Service dogs have proven their usefulness countless times by saving their owners’ lives. Their effect on veterans is especially valuable.  Read More

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              Telework Works in a Pandemic


              Teleworking has skyrocketed during COVID-19, but expect the shift in workspace to continue. Yvette Lawrence-Hood, DrPH, a member of our IGH team supporting the Defense Health Agency, looks at telework through a public health lens in this article. Read More

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              Memorial Day 2020


              Today we remember our service members who have preserved our great nation with their blood. Their sacrifices are not forgotten. Read More

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              Learn how one IGH team is finding PPE for a federal client by thinking outside of the box during COVID-19


              Learn how one IGH team is finding PPE for a federal client by thinking outside of the box during COVID-19  Read More

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              IGH Salutes Kevin Williams


              It’s Military Appreciation Month, but at IGH we make a year-round point to recognize employees who served in the Armed Forces. In this “IGH Salutes” post, we’ll introduce you to Kevin Williams, a U.S. Army veteran. Read More

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              Hire Vets in the Private Sector


              At IGH, we feel skills learned in the military should lead to private-sector jobs. And our hiring record shows it. Read More

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              Wellness During COVID-19


              Prior to COVID-19, most busy adults had issues disconnecting. Now, terms like “overwhelmed” or “burned out” resonate more than ever before.  Read More

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              Government Contracting in Military Health Care During COVID-19 Anything but Predictable

              05/04/2020 11:43 AM

              Once my company lands a contract, we are expected to execute the deliverables as defined in the contract. It’s basic principles like this that allow federal and private partnerships to work. But COVID-19 has changed the way America gets work done.  Read More


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